NW Textbook Center Schedule

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09/01/2012 to 07/01/2013
Date Start Event Name Location End Description
Wed 09/05/2012 7:45 am NW Students: Last Day to Report Issued Book Discrepancies for 2012-13 NW Textbook Center, room 1165 3:45 pm  
Thu 01/17/2013 7:45 am NW One-Semester Only Textbook Return, including borrowed Novels NW Textbook Center, room 1165 3:45 pm Please return books issued from the Textbook Center for classes in first semester that do not continue into second semester.
Thu 05/23/2013 7:30 am NW Senior Book Return NW Textbook Center, room 1165 3:30 pm All books must be returned and all fines paid prior to graduation.
Fri 06/07/2013 7:30 am NW All Student Book Return NW Cafeteria 3:00 pm